When to Update LinkedIn With a New Job- Perfect Timing Guide

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Starting a new job is exciting, and you might want to share the news on LinkedIn immediately.

But when is the best time to update your profile?

The timing can affect your professional relationships and personal brand.

Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of various approaches.

What’s The Perfect Timing for your LinkedIn Job Update?

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding the update timing:

1. Job Offer Stage

Wait until you have a signed offer letter before updating LinkedIn.

This ensures everything is official and avoids potential complications if the offer changes.

2. Notice Period

Consider your current company’s policies and the time needed for a smooth transition.

Inform your employer first to show respect and maintain a positive relationship.

3. First Impressions at New Job

Give yourself a few weeks to understand your role and responsibilities better.

This will help you write a more accurate and comprehensive profile update.

4. Networking Benefits

Updating earlier can help you connect with new colleagues and industry contacts.

This will enhance your professional network from the start.

5. Professional Courtesy

Inform your current employer before making your LinkedIn update.

This is especially important if you hold a public-facing role.

It shows respect and helps avoid any awkwardness.

6. Probation Period

You can opt to wait until after completing your probation period.

Which can range from three to six months.

This ensures the job is a good fit and avoids frequent profile changes if things don’t work out.

When to Update LinkedIn With a New Job

How to Craft the Perfect Update

Consider these tips when you’re ready to update your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Express Gratitude: Thank your previous employer for the opportunities and experiences.
  2. Highlight Achievements: Showcase key accomplishments from your old role to show your value and expertise.
  3. Enthusiasm for the New: Express excitement about your new opportunity and the company you’ve joined.
  4. Encourage connections and engagement on your profile to maximize visibility and networking opportunities.


Timing your LinkedIn update can benefit your professional relationships and personal brand.

Consider waiting until you have a signed offer, informing your current employer, and giving yourself a few weeks in your new role.

Whether you update early or wait until after probation, crafting a thoughtful and engaging update will enhance your LinkedIn presence.

These guidelines help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile update and start your new job on the right path.


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