How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn: Master the Art of Mentioning and Visibility

How to tag someone on LinkedIn

An image to illustrate: LinkedIn Tagging
An image to illustrate: Tagging on LinkedIn/PHOTO: Files

When you’re on LinkedIn, it’s like teamwork and sharing stuff.

But, you know, sometimes you want to be sure that the cool folks notice your good posts and smart comments.

That’s when tagging comes into play – it’s like a super tool that helps get more people interested and gives credit to the ones who should get it.

Why Tag on LinkedIn?

Tagging someone on LinkedIn simply means mentioning them in a post or comment using the “@” symbol followed by their name.

It is important as it enables one to:

  • Give credit: Share insightful articles or showcase team projects, ensuring the authors and contributors get their due recognition.
  • Spark conversations: Tag relevant experts in your posts to invite their perspectives and ignite discussions.
  • Increase engagement: Posts with tags tend to garner more likes, shares, and comments, boosting your visibility and reach.
  • Build relationships: Show your connections you value their work and expertise, strengthening your professional network.

How Do You Tag Someone on LinkedIn?

Tagging on LinkedIn is as simple as a, b, c.

Below are the simple steps to follow when trying to tag someone:

  1. Start with the “@”: Type the “@” symbol in your post or comment, followed by the first few letters of the person’s name.
  2. Choose from suggestions: A list of potential matches will automatically appear as you type. Select the correct person from the list.
  3. Hit enter and publish: The person’s name will be linked in your post or comment, notifying them and making them easily discoverable to others.

Level Up Your Tagging Game

Here are some tagging strategies for  LinkedIn Pro users:

  • Tag more people: You can tag up to 20 buddies in one post or comment, making sure everyone knows what’s going on.
  • Tag cool companies and groups: It’s not just about tagging friends! Shout out to companies or groups that need to be in on the action.
  • Be smart about it: Tagging isn’t just about showing off names. Pick people who know their stuff, have a connection to what you’re talking about, or are big shots on LinkedIn for the best results.
  • Add some pictures and videos (if you want): If you’re sharing cool pictures or videos, tag the folks in them to make things personal and give context.

LinkedIn Tagging Etiquette

You don’t want to build walls when tagging on LinkedIn. Build bridges instead!

So, here are a few tips to ensure your LinkedIn tags lead to useful and helpful connections:

  • Avoid over-tagging: Don’t bombard people with notifications. Use tagging strategically and keep it relevant.
  • Respect boundaries: Seek permission before tagging someone in sensitive content.
  • Encourage dialogue: Use tagging as a springboard for conversation, not just a one-way announcement.


Mastering the art of tagging on LinkedIn opens doors to a more connected and collaborative professional world.

Experiment with this powerful tool, be mindful of etiquette and watch your engagement and network flourish.

Remember, effective tagging is about showing appreciation, sparking dialogue, and ultimately, building stronger professional relationships.

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