How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

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How to endorse someone on LinkedIn/PHOTO: Bing

LinkedIn endorsements are a way of recognizing the professional skills and abilities you’ve seen your connections demonstrate.

Endorsements on LinkedIn have emerged as a prevalent means of affirming one’s skills and knowledge.

Through the platform’s endorsement functionality, connections can publicly affirm your expertise in particular areas, contributing a professional stamp of approval to your profile.

Below is a guide on how to go about it.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn Steps

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn Steps

1. Find the Profile

Open the profile of the person you wish to support.

You can discover it through search, your feed, or your list of connections.

2. Go to Skills & Endorsements

Scroll down your profile page until you find the section labelled “Skills & endorsements.”

3. Select the Appropriate Skill

Examine the skills listed and pick the one you truly think the individual has.

If uncertain, consider working together or talking about their skills before giving your endorsement.

4. Support and Share Your Thoughts (Optional)

Tap the “+” symbol beside the skill you want to support.

Pick the endorsement level (Good, Very Good, Highly Skilled).

If you wish, write a brief message expressing why you think they deserve the endorsement.

Specify your connection with them for context (e.g., Colleague, Client).

Press “Submit” to complete the endorsement process.

Additional Tips

  • Endorse only skills you have firsthand experience with.
  • Be specific and genuine in your message.
  • Consider endorsing multiple skills if appropriate.
  • Encourage reciprocity by endorsing connections who have endorsed you.
  • Respect the privacy of endorsements and avoid endorsing unsolicited.


In the vast world of professional connections, endorsements are like guiding lights.

They show others the skills and value your connections have.

When you endorse someone, you’re not just saying they’re good, you’re helping them get noticed and supported by others on LinkedIn.

So, don’t hesitate to endorse people and see your network grow.

Remember, a small click can have a big impact on both your connections and your own career.


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