What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn? You Should Know This About Online Status

What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn?

An image illustration of what does the green dot mean on LinkedIn
An image illustration of what the green dot means on LinkedIn/PHOTO: Files

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve probably seen that green dot on your LinkedIn page, which had you wondering what it meant.

Tag along as I explain to you all about the green dot and online status on LinkedIn.

What is the Green Dot on LinkedIn?

When using LinkedIn, you may notice profiles with green dots, signalling online availability.

There are two types:

  • a solid green dot -this shows that someone is active on their desktop
  • one with a white circle- This means that someone has an app where they get notifications

Messages to solid dots get quicker responses.

No dot means offline or messaging is off, but you can still send a message.

What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn?

What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn

Knowing when your connections are online is crucial for effective networking on LinkedIn.

The green dot can be your guide.

If it’s solid, go ahead and message them – they’re likely available for a chat.

For those with a hollow dot, be considerate. They may not be in the mood to talk.

Keep your message brief, or send a personalized connection request.

Adjust your approach based on their online status for better engagement.

Green Dot Insights

While the green dot is a handy signal for online presence, it’s not always the complete picture.

Some people may be on LinkedIn without the green dot visible.

This could be due to privacy settings or using a device/browser that doesn’t support this feature.

So, don’t rely only on the green dot to decide whom to message and when.

Consider other things like their profile, recent activity, and time zone.

Customize your messages based on the person and their situation.

For instance, if someone just shared an article, take the chance to comment or congratulate them.

And if you know someone is in a different time zone, adjust your timing to avoid odd-hour messages.

Essentially, go for personalized and relevant outreach, irrespective of online status.

This approach sets you apart and helps in building meaningful connections on LinkedIn.

Privacy on LinkedIn

It’s important to know about privacy settings for your online status on LinkedIn.

You can decide to hide the green dot completely or show it only to your connections or a specific group.

If you don’t want notifications on your phone, you can turn them off.

Respect other people’s privacy choices too.

If someone has hidden their online status, don’t assume they’re ignoring you. They might have their reasons.

Be patient and polite, and reach out to them later.


The green dot on LinkedIn is a simple but powerful feature that can help you understand and optimize your online availability.

It can help you identify who’s online and ready to connect, and how to best approach them.

However, it’s not the only factor that matters.

You should also pay attention to the context and the individual, and craft personalized and valuable messages that will spark a conversation.

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