How to Add Credly Badge to LinkedIn Profile

An image Illustration of How to Add Credly Badge to LinkedIn
An image Illustration of How to Add Credly Badge to LinkedIn/PHOTO: File

Hey, have you ever wondered how to make your professional achievements shine on LinkedIn?

Well, Credly and LinkedIn have got you covered.

These platforms are perfect for showcasing your hard-earned badges and certifications.

This helps you stand out in the competitive world of work.

Let’s get into how you can easily add your Credly badges to your LinkedIn profile and reap the benefits!

Adding Your Credly Badge to LinkedIn

How to Add Credly Badge to LinkedIn
  • Preparation

First things first, make sure you have active accounts on both Credly and LinkedIn.


  • Access Your Badge

Head over to Credly and log in.

Once you’re in, find the specific badge you want to add on LinkedIn.

It might be for a course you aced or a skill you mastered.

  • Find the Share Option

Now that you’ve found your badge, look around for the “Share” button.

It’s usually located somewhere around the badge details.

Once you find it, give it a click!

  • Connect to LinkedIn 

If your Credly and LinkedIn accounts aren’t already linked, don’t worry!

Credly will guide you through the process with some on-screen prompts.

Just follow along and connect those accounts in a moment.

Choose Sharing Method

  1. Add to profile“: This nifty option will place your badge right into your LinkedIn profile’s “Licenses & Certifications” section. It’s like hanging a shiny medal on your virtual trophy shelf!
  2. Share to Feed“: Feeling extra proud of your achievement? Go ahead and share it with your LinkedIn network! You can even add a personal message to let everyone know what you’ve accomplished.
  • Complete the Process

Once you’ve chosen your sharing method, click that “Share to LinkedIn” button and follow any final prompts to review your info and save your changes.

All done! You’ve just showcased your badge for the world to see.


By adding your Credly badges to your LinkedIn profile, you’re not just flaunting your achievements, you’re boosting your professional presence and credibility.

Follow these simple steps, show off those badges, and let your accomplishments stand out on LinkedIn.


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