Where to Put Volunteer Work on LinkedIn: Highlighting Your Passion and Skills

Where to put volunteer work on LinkedIn

An image illustrating where to put volunteer work on LinkedIn
An image illustrating where to put volunteer work on LinkedIn/PHOTO: Files

Displaying your volunteer activities on LinkedIn effectively highlights your diverse interests, dedication to meaningful causes, and the competencies you’ve acquired beyond professional roles.

This guide will instruct you on how to strategically position your volunteer experiences on your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.

Where to put volunteer work on LinkedIn

The Dedicated Volunteer Experience Section

For the majority of users, this spot is perfect.

LinkedIn provides a specific section titled “Volunteer Experience & Causes,” where you can detail your:

  • volunteer positions
  • associated organizations
  • duration of involvement
  • concise summary of your involvement

Alternative Placement Options

While the “Volunteer Experience & Causes” section is ideal, there are alternative placements to consider depending on your profile and the relevance of your volunteer work:

  • Work Experience Section: If your volunteer experience directly relates to your professional skills and experience, consider including it in your work experience section. Briefly mention the organization, your role, and key contributions.
  • Summary Section: Briefly mention impactful volunteer experiences that showcase your values and transferable skills in your summary section.
  • Skills Section: If you developed specific skills through volunteering, list them in the skills section and mention the volunteer experience where you honed them (optional).

Optimizing Your Volunteer Experience Presentation

Regardless of where you place your volunteer work, optimize each entry for maximum impact:

  • Clear Titles & Summaries: Choose easy titles for your volunteer work. Write short summaries that show what you did and why it matters.
  • Show Your Impact: If you can, use numbers to talk about what you did for the group you helped.
  • Important Words & Skills: Use important words and skills from your volunteer work to help recruiters find your profile.


Placing and presenting your volunteer work well on LinkedIn is important.

You can create a nice profile that shows your dedication, skills, and commitment beyond paid employment.

This can significantly enhance your professional image and open doors to new opportunities.


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